Teaming Up Against Lung Cancer

BeTheMVP campaign visual with Guy Lafleur
Brand Relevance
Media Innovation
On & Offline Activations
Digital Technology

We empowered Canadians to become the MVPs in the fight against cancer for Lung Cancer Awareness Month, encouraging Canadians to seek early care and treatment increasing their chance of recovery.

Reframed Challenge

Merck's oncology Customer Engagement Manager approached us for help in reducing attrition rates in the lung cancer sphere. People often delay getting themselves screened by their physician out of fear of chemotherapy. We needed to empower at-risk individuals into taking the next step to discuss risk factors and symptoms of lung cancer with their doctor as soon as possible.

Leading Insight

Patients are unaware that in this day and age, earlier diagnosis means more positive outcomes and that there are treatments beyond chemo. Our research revealed that segmenting different patient groups would enable us to develop key messaging that resonated.

Opportunity Unlocked

We highlighted the importance of early detection through an awareness campaign, by driving to a site providing an in-depth review of lung cancer. A downloadable discussion guide was provided to users to help discuss lung cancer with their doctor. By creating this information hub, we helped patients feel empowered and informed.

the best defense is a good offense

Canadian national hero and hockey legend Guy Lafleur became the face of the campaign, speaking directly to at-risk Canadians by sharing his story and empowering people to be the MVP of their own health.