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Helping consumers detect melanoma early

Encouraging Canadians to take charge of their skin health

Practice Skintimacy website on Desktop and mobile showing one of the key messaging: Melanoma can affect every body.

Methodologies used

CMS & Content APIs, Telehealth Integration, Geolocation.

Transforming how consumers approached skin health to address the alarming rise in melanoma diagnoses. An omnichannel strategy that encouraged our target audience to be more mindful of their skin using the concept of Skintimacy.


While melanoma is one of the fastest growing cancers, with diagnoses tripling over the last 30 years, it’s often only diagnosed in the later stages, once the cancer has progressed. Despite the increasing prevalence, there’s a lack of awareness of melanoma’s early signs  and the importance of regular skin checks, contributing to delayed diagnoses and in turn, poorer outcomes.


While the ABCDE method of detecting melanoma has been a commonly used educational tool, research showed that it wasn’t as straightforward as it seems; thus complicating early detection efforts. Furthermore, people don’t take action unless they first see themselves as being at risk. Perception of risk can then be followed up with education on identifying melanoma, and what to do once identified.


We undertook an omnichannel mission that could move consumers through the path from awareness to diagnosis. Quickly realising that early detection awareness is futile without a supporting ecosystem, we offered up a streamlined experience to guide our target audience every step of the way. Something that wasn’t possible without providing them with necessary resources, and delivering ways for them access to points of care.

Practice Skintimacy campaign visuals playing on the insight that melanoma does not discriminate and affects “every body” with three key messages on different skin tones.

Melanoma affects everybody

At the core of our strategy was the insight that melanoma does not discriminate, and affects “every body”, to encourage people of all ages, ethnicities, and genders to take skin protection seriously. It was essential for people to see themselves in our campaign, & encourage everyone to self-monitor their skin, in a powerful campaign that signalled “we are all the same” when it comes to the threat of skin cancers. This is how we created an inclusive movement that taught our target audience to recognize signs of melanoma, as well as factors that may put someone at higher risk. We empowered individuals to take proactive steps towards detection and to seek timely intervention.

Strengthening community partnerships for collective action

Meaningful impact to melanoma awareness and prevention can happen only through collective action. We partnered with Melanoma Canada and Save Your Skin Foundation, who continue to champion dialogue around melanoma awareness and prevention within their networks, to foster a sense of collective action and empowerment. 

Desktop section helping users find a dermatologist

From concept to launch4 weeks

User engagement80%

Engaged users in 4 weeks36,000+

Social media carousel explaining the ABCDEs of Melanoma in order to learn how to differentiate Melanoma from a regular mole.

Designed For Action 

Our digital property was focused on building upon the awareness as the cornerstone of community engagement, supported by visually engaging guides that facilitate easy sharing of vital information with friends, family, and at-risk individuals. Acting as a hub for action, we delivered necessary tools & information to better understand melanoma symptoms and risks. Finally, clear pathways to finding and booking appointments with family physicians and dermatologists helped our audience feel ready to take control of their skin health if needed.

Strategic Capabilities

Care Location, Progressive Personalization, Telehealth Integration, Omnichannel Strategy, Behavioural and attitudinal market research, Patient Advocacy.

Understanding consumer behaviour is foundational to enabling patient ownership of healthcare decisions; thereby relieving the burden on the healthcare system and its practitioners.

Campaign visuals with text on a skin photography that reads: Melanoma is a serious form of skin cancer. Practice Skintimacy to help detect it early.

The Skintimacy digital ecosystem paved the way for individuals to connect with vital resources, advocacy groups, and healthcare professionals, fostering a collective effort in melanoma prevention and early detection.