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Using AI to answer medical queries

Supporting Merck’s digital transformation & their go-to-market plan

Ask Merck

Methodologies used

Digital transformation, AI automation, Connected platform with medical specialists, Chatbox integration.

To support both healthcare practitioners and patients, we helped Merck develop an AI-powered platform to provide relevant answers to questions about their products in real time.


Data analyses revealed that routine questions about information found in Product Monographs were most common among HCPs.


Merck needed a way to automate low-touch problem solving, allowing medical science liaisons more time to focus on complex cases.


By developing an AI-powered platform, we enabled Merck to provide real-time answers to routine questions, improving efficiency and support for HCPs across Canada.

Two mobile devices showing the Ask Merck navigation menu (left) and the AI chat interface (right).

growth of unique users54%

returning visitor rate32%

time on site increase outside of standard office hours3.5 min

Desktop view of the Ask Merck platform