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A connected hotel experience

What if you could control your hotel experience from your mobile device?

Hotel Floriel: A connected hotel experience

Methodologies used

Connected Experiences, Digital Technologies.

Instead of relying primarily on staff to cater to guests’ needs, we designed an experience platform that would enable a hyper-personalized experience and provide guests with greater autonomy, from booking to check-in, to on-site stay.


For a new generation of travellers, real luxury isn’t having hotel staff at your beck and call – it’s having the instant ability to access all the things you want when you need them. 


How can we provide a top-tier tech-enabled hotel experience for the luxury traveller who knows and loves the convenience of ride and food delivery apps?


We created a richer boutique hotel experience that guests can manage from their smartphone, taking convenience, autonomy, and ease of use to the next level.

Hotel Floriel mobile app showing the room settings interface

When tradition meets modernity

To provide a truly intimate stay for people visiting the idyllic Ste-Flore village, Hotel Floriel wanted guests to enjoy the serene surroundings with as little interference from hotel staff as possible. 

Three mobile devices showing examples of stay customization, from connected thermostats (left) and lights (center), as well as autonomous check-out (right).

Revenue Boost150%

Electricity Savings15%

Front Desk Time Saved40%

As they prepared to transform a heritage building into a small boutique hotel, they saw the opportunity to weave together historic charm and modern comforts to offer a truly memorable stay. 

To create a truly seamless experience, all of Le Floriel’s systems would need to talk to each other. So we explored which technologies were essential, what Le Floriel’s experience should feel like, and how they could all come together.

Our goal was to create an ecosystem so effective and smooth that a team of just two people could run it.

Two mobile devices showing examples of in-app merchandise purchase capabilities (left), and in-app room door control  (right).

Designing a smarter hotel experience

To help guests feel at ease and comfortable yet independent, we created a custom app. One that would allow them to check in, get access to their room, and personalize their stay – from making a special request or ordering toiletries to managing lighting, heat, and electronics in the room.

Creating an app was just the beginning

Website experience, booking platform, hotel app, and even the behind-the-scenes management system for staff were designed and built.

Desktop view of the Hotel Floriel custom admin backend with reservation management, access cards control and messaging features.

To streamline the experience for hotel staff and make their workflows more efficient, we built a system that connects Le Floriel’s booking platform, guest management platform, and app. 

Now their staff gets full line of sight into a guest’s original booking request and follow-up communications, and can easily manage guest access “keys” on site and remotely in a way that’s both simple and secure for everyone.

Everything is connected, allowing the team to provide seamless service wherever they are.