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Paving the Way for Growth: Replatforming a Multi-Site Ecosystem

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The Fertility Partners (TFP) was looking for an efficient and unified way to manage content and connect website data for their growing network of clinics. By redesigning the patient journey and revamping the websites for several of their clinics across Canada, we helped TFP double web conversion rates in a matter of months.

Leading Insight

When facing fertility challenges, there are many unknowns. And those who seek help tend to do so online or through their social network.

Reframing the Challenge

Identify the most important moments in a patient’s journey to improve their experience on clinic websites. Then, create a repeatable process for upgrading clinic web ecosystems quickly and efficiently.

Opportunity Unlocked

Conversions doubled in just months. Plus, TFP can now easily manage and scale their network of digital ecosystems.


Optimizing the patient journey at scale

TFP wanted to upgrade legacy websites for several recently acquired fertility clinics. Having been formerly independent, each clinic had its own systems and processes, making web improvements hard to implement across the network. TFP needed an efficient and repeatable process to revamp clinic websites, improve the patient journey, streamline appointment bookings, and simplify data capture.


Finding common ground to build better and faster

We recommended using one single platform to build these websites. This would allow us to move faster and more efficiently, to capture and consolidate data from all web properties, and to simplify content management for all of their clinics.

To optimize the patient journey, we dug into the data and research, and zeroed in on the crucial moments in a patient’s thought process as they move from awareness to consideration to booking a consultation. With these moments in mind, we developed a content structure to make the patient journey as seamless as possible, and created a master sitemap that could be tweaked and adapted to each clinic’s needs and brand.


Setting the pace for future growth

TFP can now manage multiple web experiences in a single environment and maintain clear segmentation for each of their clinics. But these new online ecosystems aren’t just better for TFP. They’ve changed the patient journey. The proof? TFP has doubled clinic conversion rates in less than 6 months.

Today, their clinics have a waitlist, cementing their status as fertility leaders in their respective cities. Best of all, TFP is ready to tackle the next chapter in its growth.