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No. 1

Health Solution of the Year for VaxiCode


Week turnaround to a Government app launch


Downloads of our Vaccination App


App usage growth for TheFork UK


From 150+ to 3rd most appreciated digital brand in Canada for Kijiji


YOY gain on marketing efficiency for a leading luxury CPG brand

abbvie logo

Connecting and building personalized relationships with patients and HCPs with digital activations

Merck logo

Using AI to answer medical questions

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Biogen logo

Reframing communications with patients and HCP with environmental and digital solutions

CAE logo

Unlocking market growth for CAE Health with regional outreach

Desjardins logo

Developing financial products outside of Quebec and creating digital products to develop new channels of communication internally

Hotel Floriel logo

Designing & Building a Connected Hotel Experience

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Four Seasons logo

Building a digital platform to generate worldwide sales for real estate


Develop a regionally relevant campaign to get the app top of mind for Quebecers

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Kiehl's logo

Building Kiehl’s brand & digital experience across the American travel market

L'Oréal logo

Optimizing marketing assets with technology & sustainability expertise to reduce environmental footprint and costs

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Reframing the travel retail industry with human-centered design & strategy for the American market

Merck logo

Reframing and activating the patient, HCP and health journey with insights, creativity and technology

Mondelez logo

Developing and managing digital products for Create-a-Treat

Molson Coors

Identifying sales opportunities with location intelligence data and machine learning

Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co.

Growing sales with brand building and digital commerce across North America

Organon logo

Launching and activating the women’s health-focused brand and its products

PayPal logo

Unlocking new brand opportunities across all channels in the Canadian market

Piaggio logo

Optimizing in-store activations with print solutions and technologies

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Gouvernement du Québec

Developing various digital platforms in collaboration with Akinox

Tilray Medical

Reframing the challenge of the cannabis industry with research, business design and technology for both medical and recreational usages

Shell logo

Reframing the social media challenge for the European market

StubHub logo

Unlocking new markets opportunities in UK, Mexico and Spain by converting insights into actions

Vans logo

Building and activating Vans’ brand in Canada with digital marketing

Gouvernement du Québec

Creating a mobile app to manage COVID-19 proof of vaccination QR codes

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