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Platforms delivered in 2023


Week turnaround to a Government app launch


Number of downloads from our mobile apps in the last months

Client Portfolio

abbvie logo

Connecting and building personalized relationships with patients and HCPs with digital platforms

Biogen logo

Reframing communications with patients and HCP with environmental and digital solutions


Building customer experience platforms for multiple recreational vehicle categories

CAE logo

Unlocking market growth for CAE Health with regional outreach

Desjardins logo

Developing financial products outside of Quebec and creating digital products to develop new channels of communication internally

Hotel Floriel logo

Designing & Building a Connected Hotel Experience

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Four Seasons logo

Building a digital platform to generate worldwide sales for real estate


Delivering a digital platform to manage flu shot management

Merck logo

Reframing and activating the patient, HCP and health journey with insights, creativity and technology

Organon logo

Launching and activating the women’s health-focused brand and its products

Gouvernement du Québec

Developing various digital platforms in collaboration with Akinox

Tilray Medical

Reframing the challenge of the cannabis industry with research, business design and technology for medical usage


Developing mobile solution to manage vaccination


Learning platform for patients to better understand, manage, and make healthy choices in limiting osteoarthritis


Designing and building customer experience platforms