Print Management

Unlocking Positive Printing

Our digitally-led Print Solutions focus on providing value and unlocking new opportunities for businesses.

reframed challenge

Bringing together tech, print expertise, and sustainability to reframe how to manage 360 print marketing assets.

opportunity unlocked

Going beyond the traditional business model to optimize the supply chain for the benefits of your business, our planet and society.

leading insight

Empowering digital technology to ease and scale the transformation of print management for retailers and brands.

reduce costs

Prodity seeks out the lowest printing costs for your needs, allowing you to invest more in your digital transformation.

improve footprint

From design to production, Prodity works hard at each stage of the product life cycle to introduce sustainable materials and reduce packaging.

positive social change

Prodity acts for a fairer and a more inclusive supply chain supporting diversity, smaller businesses and employment in marginalized communities within our clients’ markets.

Prodity mockup desktop

Our Purchasing Approach to Positive Sourcing

Companies hiring people with disabilities

Enhanced approach for recruiting, supporting, integrating and maintaining employment retention of people with disabilities.

Women-Owned Businesses

Promote women entrepreneurship, encourage businesses with women in executive positions.

Small Businesses

Champion local economic players to ensure and reinforce social cohesion and local impact.

Operating in underprivileged Areas

Maintain a particular focus and work with partners from areas where the unemployment rate is particularly high.

Social inclusion

Supporting structures which promote dignified work for people in fragile or disadvantaged situations.

plans and features


Ad hoc requests to improve and deliver pre-media, print management, sustainability and social responsibility.

  • Assess the current state and provide a roadmap forward
  • Decrease your project’s waste
  • 360 print marketing
  • Enable data-informed decisions

managed services

Dedicated service of experts managing print needs.

  • Outsource to print experts
  • Access to a worldwide networks
  • Optimize materials
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve environmental footprint
  • Support positive sourcing


Personalized platform including unlimited access, seats and projects.

  • Brief, Get Quote, Order and Track
  • Chat tool to connect with an expert
  • Archive projects and standards for future needs or duplication
  • Dashboard to track performances

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