Putting more good out

into the world

View of Toronto with a lake and green spaces in the foreground by Daniel Novykov

We want to be a force for good. And, we want to build impactful human-driven experiences in brand and tech. So we’ve made a plan to keep ourselves accountable, improve our practices, and offer up socially and environmentally-responsible solutions for our clients.

Our action trifecta

Better for the planet

Coexisting sustainably on the planet we call home involves taking a critical look at our internal processes and actions. We’re shifting our practices by choosing socially- and environmentally-engaged partners and suppliers. Our current efforts are focused on shrinking our carbon footprint, reducing our waste, and sourcing supplies and services responsibly.

Better for our people

Before we can do good for others, we must do good by our team. Embracing diversity and cultivating well-being are part of our values, but it’s not enough to state them, we strive to ensure each individual feels them and lives them. That starts by providing a safe environment for our people to thrive in. We want each and every person to feel like they can bring their full self to work and find opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Better for those we serve

We strive to provide better solutions for our clients continuously. To do that, we’ve created guidelines for each of our teams so that we can support responsible builds and campaigns. Throughout 2023, we’re implementing employee training on eco-conception best practices to ensure we’re up-to-date on the latest tools and resources. As better solutions become available, our goal is to continue to evolve.

Let’s get real

Sharing our progress is important to us. So here are a few recent updates that we’re excited to share. And as part of the Altavia Group, we participate in the UN Global Compact, which means our global progress report is public.

Monitoring carbon intensity

Through CO2logic, we offset our corporate-level CO2 emissions for 2021 by supporting a reforestation project in Kenya. But offsets aren’t enough. To slash our emissions, we’re using 2022 as our baseline year to set our reduction target for 2030 and establish the framework to measure our full, detailed carbon footprint.

Sustainable sourcing

We’re transitioning to eco-friendly supplies for our offices. And by partnering with Altavia Prodity, we can connect clients to a whole suite of sustainable print marketing solutions, including OOH, in-store displays, and more.

Supporting our community

We contribute annually to the Bensadoun School of Retail Management as a founding associate. We also provide mentorship opportunities through Mentoro (in 2022, our own Thane Calder contributed over 40 hours to the Future of Retail cohort) and donate to a selection of community organizations every year.

Here’s to making it official

Ecovadis Gold Sustainable Rating 2022

Our commitment to sustainability involves taking a good hard look at ourselves and our practices on the regular. We’ve engaged EcoVadis to help us monitor our performance, set benchmarks, and drive improvements. Our latest rating (and our first ever!) is 70/100, which puts us in the top 5% of EcoVadis-certified companies.

Have an idea that could help us along our sustainability journey?