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We are a creative tech firm, part of the altavia group

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Altavia is the world's largest private group of marketing and technology firms.   

Corporate Social Responsibility

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We're committed to putting more good out into the world

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Diversity is a strength that we cultivate

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Rooted in North-America

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With North-American offices in Montréal and Toronto — and a global presence in 63 other international locations throughout the Altavia network.

Altavia Adventures

Altavia’s corporate investment fund. We take minority stakes in B2B technology startups with a recurring business model in retailtech.

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Altavia OpenLab

Internal and global investment program to stimulate innovation.


Thane Calder

Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur and creative strategist by instinct, Thane fosters unconventional thinking and instills in the firm a sense of purpose, results, and values.

Pascal Hébert

President & COO

Overseeing our operations, Pascal applies astute operational and management acumen to the complex and ever-changing realities of technology-led businesses.

Zahra Rajani

Chief Strategy Officer

Zahra leads business acceleration for our clients, as her work has allowed her to spearhead some of the most recognized digital reinventions in retail, telecommunications, transportation and health.

Marie-Hélène Beaulieu

Executive Director, Print & Logistics

Carine Ladouceur

Executive Director, Finance & HR

Baptiste Laget

Executive Director, Technologies

Benoit Marchand

Group Director, Technology

Ben Motz

Group Director, Creative

Nathaniel Sibi

Group Director, Strategy & Business Design

Olivia-Gail Squires

Group Director, Pharma & Health

James Vaccaro

Group Director, Growth