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Location intelligence for brands and retailers

Unlock market opportunities through location-based data & context to optimize strategies and grow sales.

reframed challenge

Bringing multiple sources of data together to effectively extract insight and create a centralized and intuitive view that can be actioned.

opportunity unlocked

Going beyond business data to add industry, socio-demographic, and geographic data points provides a more comprehensive understanding.

leading insight

Connecting data science, retail expertise and machine learning to convert human insights and business data into retail strategy and activations to grow your business.

data science

Our data scientists use proprietary data framework to unlock deeper business, sales and human insights.

retail expertise

We provide 40 years of retail knowledge in America, Europe and Asia.

machine learning

Our platform is powered by advanced algorithms for consistent improvement.

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Perspective platform desktop

plans and features


Fully integrate & automate sales analytics providing:

  • Quick update of data
  • Dynamic search capabilities
  • Scalability as the data sets grows
  • Reliability based on cloud-based architecture


Self-Serve access to an integrated platform with contextual data:

  • All build features
  • Ongoing data stream
  • Self serve access
  • Layering of external data sets (socio-demographic, economic)
  • Market Opportunity Indexation


Ongoing program with dedicated experts for continuous evolution:

  • All serve features
  • Thematic based Insights
  • Cadence of consultancy meetings & tailored deliverables
  • Recommendations for calls to action

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