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To support both healthcare practitioners and patients, we helped Merck develop an AI-powered platform to provide relevant answers to questions about their products in real time.

Reframed Challenge

Merck's Director of Innovation & Capabilites and medical affairs team approached us to help them better support HCPs across Canada. We developed a way to automate low-touch problem solving in order to allow medical science liaisons more time to support highly complex cases.

Leading Insight

Data analyses revealed that routine questions about a product monograph were most common among HCPs. We recognized that automating responses to these questions could enable Merck to shift focus to cases that require human intervention.

Opportunity Unlocked

We developed an accessible platform and integrated an AI-powered chatbot to respond to routine questions. The platform acts as a one-stop-shop for all Merck product questions, simplifying the process for HCPs and allowing them to obtain information they need in real-time.

Supporting Merck's digital transformation & their go-to-market plan

Prior to launch, the only way for HCPs to ask Merck questions about their product was to phone them. Recognizing the need for an improved customer experience and aligning with Merck's business objectives to provide more focused support, we created a dedicated platform for HCPs to quickly gain access to important information, and easily ask additional questions through a chat function. This streamlined process is empowering Merck's digital transformation, reducing doctors' wait time and enabling medical science liaisons to spend more time on high-value conversations that require human intervention.

ASK Merck lets Health Care Professionals talk to Merck Canada Medical Information Specialist

Continuous platform improvements

Ongoing customer journey analysis of the platform allows us to continuously improve the AskMerck experience to better cater to the targeted audience and provide more value-added content.