VaxiCode - Akinox & le gouvernement du Quebec

Creating a Proof of Vaccination

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We designed and developed one of the world's most-used proof of vaccination verification solutions.

Reframed Challenge

The Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux du Québec (Quebec's Health Ministry) needed help to enforce a COVID-19 vaccine mandate in businesses across the province. In partnership with Akinox, we created two mobile apps to support the vaccine mandate roll-out.

Leading Insight

Our focus on maintaining rigorous privacy standards enabled us to power 50 million vaccination passport verifications monthly and to make VaxiCode the second most downloaded mobile app in Canada in 2021.

Opportunity Unlocked

The success of VaxiCode in Québec, with the help of our partnership, lead Akinox to become the first company to offer a proof of vaccination verification solution that could support certificates emitted by a range of jurisdiction.

A global roll-out

Given our strong partnership with Akinox and the success of VaxiCode in Québec, we were able to roll-out the solution in Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Our development of training and video guides contributed to the high adoption rate of VaxiCode.

Four mobile devices showing different interfaces of the VaxiCode app

Contributing to international standard

VaxiCode was the first proof of vaccination verification solution implemented in North America, and contributed to the health and safety of citizens. Our collaboration with companies such as Microsoft, Google and Apple helped bring the solution to life.