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Empowering Allergy Management: Patient Engagement App

Enhancing Adherence and Education for Allergy Patients and Caregivers

A mobile devices showing the Epiguard gamified allergy management learning experience

Methodologies used

Connected Experiences, Full stack, Native Application, CMS & Content APIs, LMS, Gamification.

To address underutilization of epinephrine pens, we created an app prototype with features like symptom monitoring, and gamified education, to promote engagement and facilitate navigation of the allergy treatment journey for patients and caregivers.


Despite their efficacy in managing anaphylactic reactions, epinephrine pens are not being used as frequently as anticipated. Patients and caregivers are hesitant to use the pens due to a lack of understanding and fear of misidentifying anaphylactic reactions. This led to poor adherence, and low prescription fill rates, with many neglecting to carry their pens and fewer still using them in emergency situations.


The core complexity was twofold: effectively educating patients and caregivers to recognize anaphylactic reactions, and ensuring that patients always kept their epinephrine pens on hand. Addressing these challenges required a solution that not only provided comprehensive information but also engaged users in a meaningful, interactive manner. The goal was to create a tool that seamlessly integrated into patients' daily lives, making education and adherence a natural part of their routine.


Leveraging digital tools, we wanted personalized experiences to empower patients in their allergy treatment journey. We developed a patient-centric app to serve as a one-stop-shop for all allergy management needs, where patients and caregivers could access information and tools ad-hoc. App features were designed to ensure ease of use, accessibility, and engagement.

Three mobile devices showing the Epiguard gamified allergy management learning experience



We began with a deep dive into the user journey of allergy patients and their caregivers to identify key pain points and areas where digital intervention could make the most significant impact. The result was the Patient Engagement App, a holistic solution tailored to meet the unique needs of allergy sufferers, which featured medication reminders, symptom monitoring, and gamified education.

Discovery & Design2 weeks

Time to Prototype4 Weeks

Two mobile devices showing the Epiguard gamified allergy management learning experience

Staying top of mind with patients to combat poor adherence

Medication reminder system to set up personalized reminders for carrying and using their epinephrine pens. Non-intrusive yet effective design, ensuring that patients never forget their medication.


Interactive Allergy Education: Learning Through Play

Design Features

CMS & Content APIs, Cross Platform Native App, Adherence Management, Progressive Personalization, Progress Tracking.

Education is most effective when it is engaging. To make learning about anaphylaxis and allergy management more interactive, we integrated gamified elements into the app. Patients and caregivers could access educational modules, quizzes, and interactive content that make understanding their condition and treatment more engaging and less intimidating.

A mobile devices showing the Epiguard gamified allergy management learning experience

The correlation between engaged patients and better outcomes

Symptom monitoring enables patients to log their allergy symptoms and track any changes over time. Data can be shared with healthcare providers, facilitating better-informed decisions and personalized treatment plans.