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DoseFlow: Oncology Protocol & System Capacity Visualizer

Enabling hospital decision makers to measure impact of treatment protocol design

DoseFlow: Protocol Visualizer

Methodologies used

Protocol Design Interface, Business Logic, Scenario Visualizations, Comparative Statistics, Editable Assumptions, Built In Formulas, Data Aggregation, Data Analysis, Scenario Design.

We prototyped a system capacity calculator for hospital staff to design and compare complex treatment protocols, allowing them to visualize their impact on hospital capacity and patient flow to simplify protocol design and decision making.


Hospital capacity has long been a concern, with healthcare professionals frustrated by limited time and space. This is especially relevant for treatments with complex protocols that require meticulous planning and resource management. Addressing these constraints is crucial to improving patient care and optimizing hospital resources.


Treatment protocols guide healthcare professionals in their decisions while creating efficiencies to maximize patient treatment capacity. Developing these protocols is labor-intensive and requires significant manual effort, particularly for patients on complex regimens. Simplifying this process is essential to improving hospital efficiency and patient care.


The opportunity was to provide an experience that helped physicians make patient level and physician level decisions. We provided a user-friendly interface to facilitate design and comparison of treatment protocols by modifying outpatient infusion treatments and other protocol characteristics, and seeing the impact of different treatment choices on hospital capacity. 

Desktop view (left) showing summarized information on Patient wait times for the selected protocol, and the protocol edit screen on mobile (right)

The calculator visualized data related to patient visits, total chair time, waiting time, and other crucial metrics. One of the key opportunities was to allow users to scale these estimations to a hospital level. By inputting the number of patients on a given protocol and considering non-treatment-related time factors, the tool provided a comprehensive view of hospital system capacity. This feature was instrumental in helping HCPs compare the impact of different protocol designs and make informed decisions.

Desktop view of the graph of hospital system capacity based on the parameters selected

From insight-driven ideation to concept4 weeks

Potential customers advocated for the tool’s utility4 in 5

End-to-End regulatory approval< 3 Weeks

Flexible and scalable by design

With the mission objective of creating a tool with real long-term value, the system capacity calculator was built with the flexibility to accommodate for almost any infusion-related protocol where multiple treatment types are being utilised. We incorporated design considerations for each user, as well as scalability across administrative uniqueness for each hospital.

Two mobile devices showing the Protocol Visualizer interface with Drug, treatment and molecule selection (left) as well as Dosing cycles and schedules (right).

Simple solutions for the most complex of problems

Creating a tool with real long-term value requires a deep understanding of established behaviours and practices within your target audience’s everyday reality.