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B2B Sales Enablement Platform

Connecting commercial teams with customers with a collaborative sales interface

Desktop device on the sales platform welcome screen showing a sales progress Dashboard

Methodologies used

Passwordless Authentication, Role Based Permissions, Real-time Collaborative Interface, App Router, Server Actions, Data Signatures, Automated Document Generation, Data Exchange, CRM Integration.

Digitized end-to-end sales process for a product portfolio, enabling sales and marketing teams to collaborate with customers across the sales cycle. Digital business transformation in its truest form.


Digitally transform a legacy sales process that involved the arduous navigation of annually updated spreadsheets with built in macros and sales formulas, that required multiple rounds of back and forth between sales teams & customers. Automate the generation of customized sales presentations that outlined value propositions to each customer.


With the goal of empowering sales teams to focus on customer relationships, every feature was designed to reduce any and all tedious manual effort. We equally had to adopt thoughtful approaches to seamlessly marry established sales processes with the capabilities offered by existing investments in business technology.


The platform formed a collaborative customer-centric infrastructure in support of the sales cycle. With more than 4 in 5 customers adopting the platform just within a few weeks of launch, we observed unprecedented sales success. From reductions in time to sale, to sales targets that were surpassed, and an increase in loyalty program enrollment, the rewards reaped were innumerable.

Desktop view of a locations’ sales targets and drugs order form

Predicted Sales Secured109%

Reduction in time to sale64%

Platform Adoption84%

Keeping Business Intelligence in Stride

Business logic driven features that generated expected sales predictions, product volume recommendations & sales incentives.

Mobile device showing a weekly progress dashboard view on the CRM Integrated Sales Enablement Platform interface

Secured Q1Q2 sales 6 months in advance.

The business case for digital experience design has never been articulated more clearly. A world-class digital experience for users that mirrors existing sales behaviors, when connected to business technology can deliver the kind of immediate impact that blows traditional expectations of digital investment ROI out of the water.