L'Oréal Canada

Optimizing Print Management

Example of a printed cardboard display for beauty products
Print-Tech Solutions
Brand Awareness & Engagement

We helped improve the cost-effectiveness, time-to-market, and sustainability of L'Oréal's print marketing materials, allowing them reach key environmental objectives.

Reframed Challenge

Working with the L'Oréal procurement team and building on the desire of cost-savings and sustainability, we have identified pain points in the production process and defined metrics tracking operational efficiency.

Leading Insight

The marketing team wanted a partner that made the project as effortless as possible. Our team of print experts simplified the delivery workflow by utilizing an effective technology platform, and optimized ecodesign production through a network of socially responsible printers.

Opportunity Unlocked

An online platform enhances the print project management journey for marketing stakeholders, as key metrics empower the procurement team to follow performance indicators enabling data-informed decisions in real time.

Data-informed decisions to deliver optimized print assets

Since 2020, we have eco designed, project managed and delivered close to 4000 products for L'Oréal Canada, and generated substantial savings for our client. Our expertise in environmental optimizations are helping L'Oréal reach their sustainability objectives. We have also developed a real-time data dashboard reporting on key financial and operational metrics.