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Launching a New Vertical

Brand Purpose Design
Brand Building
Content Strategy
On & Offline Activations
Media Innovation
Performance Insight

We launched the Kijiji Autos brand through a nationally integrated campaign that generated brand awareness and drove conversion for the new vertical.

Reframed Challenge

In order to implant Kijiji Autos firmly into the world of cars and car buying, driving brand awarenesss and engagement, we focused on demonstrating the ease of use of the new platform and the brand's expertise in the market.

Leading Insight

To keep the conversation going and close the sale, we understood that we had to tap into Kijiji’s content hub, social channels and existing Canadian userbase, sharing the message that Kijiji Autos makes the car buying experience easy, fast and trustworthy.

Opportunity Unlocked

Creating a Kijiji Autos universe through immersive custom imagery to be used in ads and the app and developing new social channels along with 12 weeks of content, we reached +4 million visits per month within the first quarter (of launch), 150% more visitors than the closest competitor.

Codifying a new Brand ID

As we developed the use cases and needs for the Kijiji Autos brand, we established brand guidelines, a digital guidebook, and rules for the smooth rollout across both internal and external touchpoints. The new branding strategy was codified to create cohesion, differentiating the brand from Kijiji's main brand and competitors, while fostering a loyal customer-base.

Kijiji Autos Brand book platform opened on a laptop

Making noise at launch

To attract attention and drive home the key message that Kijiji Autos is easy to use, the national campaign showcased users “driving” the new app, but always from a comfortable position. The media buy included tactical OOH placements in key markets, timed to coincide with local auto shows. Sponsoring meaningful activations and sporting venues helped push Kijiji Autos even further into the spotlight.

Exemple d'affiches publicitaires in situ créées pour la campagne de lancement de Kijiji Autos