The Craveworthy Campaign That Won Quebecers’ Hearts

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When Instacart was struggling with awareness and adoption in Quebec, we developed a regionally relevant campaign to get the app top of mind for Quebecers, ultimately driving a 200% increase in unaided brand awareness and a slew of new app downloads.

Leading insight

Unlike the rest of Canada, Quebecers seriously enjoy grocery shopping. They love browsing, discovering, and thoughtfully selecting their products. Grocery shopping isn’t a nuisance, but a pleasure.

Reframed challenge

For those who love grocery shopping, the benefit of Instacart isn’t eliminating trips to the grocery store. It’s unlocking more of the experiences they crave and love, both sensory and social.

Opportunity unlocked

In Instacart’s bold and vivid signature style, we launched a 360 campaign communicating that life is short, so why not make the most of the experiences you love? It worked. The campaign generated 396,163,304 impressions resulting in a significant uptick in app downloads and consideration.

Quebec’s Instalove in numbers


increase in unaided brand awareness




increase in competitor loyalist consideration

Cutting through the clutter

After a few years in Canada’s highly competitive food and grocery delivery space, Instacart had found success in most provinces, but struggled to break through in the Quebec market. Their message wasn’t resonating in the province famous for its unique culture and shopping habits. But having grown their relationships with regional retail partners, they were itching to get a bigger piece of the delivery app pie.

An app like no other

Rather than focus on how Instacart takes away the hassle of shopping, our campaign needed to embrace how Instacart makes it possible to get more out of the moments people crave. Because, unlike the rest of Canada, Quebecers have an epic love story with food.

Not only do a whopping 79% of Quebecers enjoy grocery shopping, they see it as the first step in a delightful cooking experience, according to our market study. Quebecers are bon vivants. They both love and live to eat.

This was the perfect opportunity for Instacart to reposition itself as more than just another delivery service, appeal to Quebecers and their distinct sense of humour, and finally make their mark in this culturally distinct regional market.

Out of Home billboard highlighting the fast delivery time of Instacart

App downloads delivered

Leaning into Quebec’s love of food and particular breed of humour, our creative platform showed that Instacart delivers the goods (and so much more). We invited Quebecers to fully embrace their cravings, and it delivered. After seeing the campaign, 73% of people using competitor delivery apps considered using Instacart, up from only 17% prior to the campaign.

With a playful grab life by the Instacart energy, our TV spots showcased the full gamut of deliciousness made possible by Instacart. Meanwhile, OOH executions played up contextual summer moments, instant convenience, and the possibility of partaking in more last-minute get-togethers. What’s more, our TV spots, billboards, bus wraps, and radio ads garnered the brand more eyeballs, ears, and interest in a single campaign than since it had originally launched in the province.

By zeroing in on Quebec’s joie de vivre and love of food, Instacart was finally able to rival its primary well-established local competitor. How’s that for a breakthrough?

Two mobile devices showing contextual in-app banners in the MeteoMedia weather app for the Instacart campaign