Building a 'simply tasteful' brand

Brand Awareness & Engagement
Content Strategy
Media Innovation
Digital Technology

We helped naturSource unlock new market opportunity through a renewed brand platform and redesigned online presence. We supported growing brand awareness with their first out-of-home campaign, setting the foundation for successful long-term growth.

Reframed Challenge

Working with the owners of this family-owned business, we went beyond the need for a new website to redefine the brand's visual identity and bring it to life across channels.

Leading Insight

Small business budgets require innovative thinking. Going beyond a content and campaign strategy, we built a system for developing assets with a consistent visual language that could be used by the brand on an ongoing basis, creating enduring value for the business.

Opportunity Unlocked

More than a website project, we provided a flexible brand platform for naturSource to use as they engage with their community across channels.

Creating a website to expand the market opportunity

Two centrally managed websites enabled differentiated content for the United States and Canada while benefiting from common digital asset management. Custom photography brought the brand to life online.

naturSource website homepage

A content strategy and system for long-term growth

Building a content system enabled the brand to repurpose the creative concept and strategy and apply it across product lines and future campaigns.

Example of Instagram post showcasing the products
Example of Instagram post showcasing the products

A targeted out-of-home Campaign

To be consistent with the brand’s positioning —simply natural—we kept the art direction and photography simple but vivid. The copy injected the brand's personality into the messaging in a way never seen before.

OOH locations were strategically selected near grocery stores to ensure naturSource was top-of-mind when shoppers entered the store.

Billboard showcasing naturSource's Almonds
Bus stop ad showcasing naturSource's Salad topper