Our future-proof technology solutions take organizations to new heights, creating impact in record time, engaging customers and advancing public good.


Digital Platforms

We design, build, and operate future proof platforms that go beyond the convenience of online presence. Delivering what's needed right now, and setting up businesses on the path for what's next.

Emerging Experiences

Developing new experiences and interactions that attract and retain customers, bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Business-Critical Solutions

We build end-to-end products delivering value, stability and security, on which thousands of businesses and millions of people depend every day.

our promise

Built from Insights

Our products are designed and built based on behavioural insights, which include the exploration people's needs, and understanding the experiences that will inspire them to undertake new activities. This maximizes relevance, engagement, and ease-of-use.

Modular Architecture

We break legacy monoliths, making modular architecture design choices that strengthen the products we deliver and ensure they’re future proof. Our containerized methods also allow our systems to be hosted on premises or cloud environments (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, etc.).

Open and Robust

Our solutions are anchored in the open, modern and robust JavaScript stack. We’re leveraging the extensive JavaScript ecosystem, its DevOps tools and infrastructure.

Speed to market

We use rapid prototyping & application development methodologies that enable the speed and agility that organizations require to grow.

consulting x delivery

Integrated expertises of business consultants, designers, product managers and developers. This offer brings higher quality, shorter timelines and greater feasibility.

deep experience in retail and health

Serving retailers, CPG, pharmaceuticals and governments for more than 20 years.

global presence

Presence in more than 45 countries across Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe.

offshore team augmentation

Beyond our in-house team, we offer offshore development augmentation, trained by our North American experts.

investing in the future

Altavia’s corporate investment fund, Adventures, identifies and invests in new business models and technologies including green tech, learning machine and A.I., emerging experiences and retail marketplaces.

access to new partnerships

Partnerships and co-creation opportunities with international brands.


Air Miles

Leveraging IOT and RFID to bridge the gap between physical and digital for events


Designing and building a shopping experience for high end and highly personalized private jets


Modernizing the digital experience - crm, eCommerce, web, mobile - for the Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, Can-Am and Lynx brands


Developing digital products to develop new internal channels of communication


Data-driven design to optimize conversion performance for various brands

Four Seasons

Building a digital platform to generate worldwide sales for real estate


Reframing and activating the patient, HCP and health journey with insights and technology


Identifying sales opportunities with location intelligence data and machine learning


Developing and managing digital products for Create-a-Treat

Muskoka Coffee

Building a digital commerce ecosystem across North America

Government of Quebec

Delivering the first worldwide vaccine passport application for Gouvernement du Québec. In collaboration with Akinox.

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Reframing the challenge of the cannabis industry with research, business design and technology for both medical and recreational usages


Vaccine Verification

Automate vaccination status and test result validation with this turnkey vaccine management software and API-based solution. A collaborative project with Akinox

Autonomous Hotel

Digital solution for boutique hotels looking to increase guest autonomy and overall experience

Connected Event

RFID-centric event management solution including access management, ticketing, instant messaging, photo & video and gamification

Identity Verification

Validate in real-time identity from governments nfc-documents including passport with a web & mobile end-to-end solution

Sales Intelligence

Identifying sales opportunities from unique location intelligence data and machine learning

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Local Marketing

SaaS local marketing platform designed to boost the business of retail chains and their points of sale

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generation ai-empowered physicians

"I have no interest in building some kind of robot doctor."

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