Restoring trust by seizing the moment

StubHub is a global brand. But in the UK, due to dodgy business practices from some of its competitors, the industry has taken a hit. To restore public trust, we launched a new campaign to reset the table and re-position StubHub as the ticketer that’s in your corner.

Proving that we’re “fan first”

The campaign put forward three main product benefits, all addressing pain points that emerged from our original UK research. The net effect was to show that when it came to putting “fans first,” StubHub walked the walk. To drive this home, we then built the campaign around the ticket-buying experience itself - and how fun it could be when you were buying from StubHub.

StubHub UK Presents: The Bus Queue Riverdance

StubHub UK Presents: The Bus Queue Riverdance

StubHub UK Presents: The Office Chest Bump

StubHub UK Presents: The Office Chest Bump
Focusing on Central London

The campaign reached fans across the UK but the focus was on Central London. In addition to social channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Spotify, we used programmatic and display to intercept consumers wherever we could. We also created out-of-home for the London Underground and commuter train network, using contextual to extend our campaign language and messaging.

Results that make you say "That's the ticket"

The campaign was launched in June of 2019, and it was a record month for sales, with an increase of 96% YoY and 26% above the most recent forecast.

Site visits have also gone up 51%, an 80% improvement over this time last year.

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