Responsible Investment

If you offer responsible investment portfolios, why not tell those that care most?

In a market with little awareness of the Desjardins brand like the Greater Toronto Area, how do you get people to invest in a bank with almost no physical branches? Easy.  By tapping into the key existing reasons Torontonians invest money, we positioned Desjardins’ Responsible Investment portfolios as the logical next step in supporting the causes they already believe in.  

Walk the Talk

Based on insights that the Torontonians who were most interested in Responsible Investment funds were also interested in having a more unique portfolio, we created a lifestyle campaign celebrating original Torontonians living responsibly.

desjardins image1

desjardins image1
Up close and personal

We commissioned an original lifestyle photoshoot featuring aspirational characters in iconic locations around the city that would be recognizable to our intended audience, to further emphasise that we were talking to them.

coffeeshop 182
boardroom 0051
wavedeck 337
rooftop 155
Rolling out the goodness

The campaign came to life in digital banners, social ads and print.

desjardins image3 mpntage

desjardins image3 mpntage


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  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
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