Unleashing the Class of the 90s

When Foot Locker approached Lacoste to launch their line of 90s-inspired shoes at 20 of their stores in Canada, we were called up to create a little hype around their kicks that would catch the attention of Gen Z and urbanite sneaker fans. The collection of 3 mens sneakers were available at 15 Foot Lockers and 5 Footaction stores as of mid-October, so we created a mini-campaign that would connect the classy French brand to the pop colours of the 90s.

Elevating the 90s

With some touches of Saved by the Bell shapes and the Memphis-styled pop backgrounds, we dubbed the line “Class of the 90s” as a little nod to the age of the GenXers still hunting for the latest and greatest in footwear, while letting GenZ’s know that Lacoste was always the OG of classy fashion.

Lacoste | 90s Campaign

Collaboration in a snap 

Working with L’Eloi/LM Chabot and photographer Nik Mirus, we took the notion of being raised in the 90s and elevating the trend of 90s streetwear to new heights. The shoes would be seen as floating in the middle of physical representations of 90s forms. 

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