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Clinical Case Challenger: An Educational Quiz Platform

Case-Based Learning Platform for Healthcare Practitioners

Clinical Case Challenger: an educational quiz platform for HealthCare professionals

Methodologies used

Passwordless Authentication, Learning Management System, Content Management System, User Insights, Curriculum Management, Credential Management, Live Polling, Live Events, User Engagement Gamification.

In an era where continuous education is paramount in healthcare, we embarked on a digital mission to build an intuitive, engaging learning platform centred around case-based quizzes by leveraging state-of-the-art design, gamification, and learning principles.


Healthcare practitioners need access to up-to-date medical knowledge that is current, relevant, and easily consumable. Traditional methods of didactic education fall short leading to lower retention rates and limited practical application. There was a clear need for a new edutainment approach to continuing education.


The primary challenge was to design an engaging digital solution that could seamlessly integrate into the busy schedules of healthcare professionals. The platform needed to offer a single-click login for ease of access and content that mirrored real-life scenarios in order to make the knowledge immediately applicable. 


Case quiz features included diverse multiple choice question types, and symposium style polling, enabling physicians to engage with the platform in diverse settings. Gamification & incentivization were achieved with scoring mechanisms, aggregate ranking, real-time feedback, and educational references.

A question from the quiz that describes a hypothetical patient and asks the HCP is they suspect anaphylaxis

Building it doesn’t always mean that they will come.

Ensuring the platform was user-friendly and would incentivize returning customers was a critical design challenge.

Two mobile devices showing the Clinical Case Challenger interface, an educational quiz platform for HealthCare professionals.

Thoughtfully tailored to practitioner preferences.

While the platform’s mission was to deliver educational content, encouraging active participation and frequent use was an implicit success-defining requirement. Blending principles of education & learning design with technology was key to developing a solution that allowed physicians to effortlessly access interactive quizzes designed to enhance their learning experience. The patient profile and case-based quizzes provided practical application of knowledge relevant to daily practice, leaning into the value proposition of helping physicians sharpen their applied decision-making skillset.