Help a fledgling family skin care brand punch above its weight

The skin care category is home to power brands like Aesop and Lush. But the world of family skin care remains relatively untouched. Enter Énamour, the charter member of CloudRaker’s new business accelerator program, whose ambition is to become the Burt’s Bees of stylish, eco-conscious Moms.

Using minimalism to win big with mothers

Énamour products are made with all-natural ingredients. But what separates them from the pack is actually their clean aesthetic. Leveraging this minimalist style, we created a packaging and a website to appeal to the mom who didn’t believe family skin products had to feature tropes like pastel colours and smiling kids.

Telling the brand story on social media

To launch the brand on social channels, we created a video with founder Marie Custeau. Since the brand story essentially reflects her own journey as a mother, it enabled us to speak to mothers in a way that’s authentic and down-to-earth, and made it seem like a (natural) way to add some sophistication to their daily routine.


Skin care brands like Lush have cracked the codes needed to appeal to today’s highly demanding female consumers, but no brand has really pulled that off in the budding market of family skin care. The charter member of CloudRaker’s accelerator program, Énamour is setting out to turn all-natural ingredients and minimalist style to become the Burt’s Bees of Sophisticated Moms.

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