2021: Week 22 | Amazon, M.D. Might Do House Calls

2021: Week 22 | Amazon, M.D. Might Do House Calls cover image
On today’s show, Instagram adds more shoppable features, Zoom still thinks it’s 2020, and Amazon wants to become the USA's favourite doctor…


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Amazon may launch more health brands

The project spins off Amazon's COVID-19 testing lab 

In March, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave the ok for Amazon's at-home COVID-19-testing product, which was developed by Amazon's subsidiary STS Lab Holdco. 

Now, there’s talk of a new offer: Amazon Diagnostics. This brand would include an array of proprietary at-home medical tests and a third-party marketplace. Tests available could include the COVID-19, as well as sexually transmitted infections, and clinical genomics.

Will it change anything?

This is still an “if,” but there’s a rumoured Prime Day launch despite some concerns about negative publicity for trying to capitalize on the pandemic. However, the opportunity for Amazon is too big to pass up—and industries invariably get disrupted when Amazon launches a new vertical. Data from Diagnostics could inform Amazon’s future Sales, Marketing, and Product decisions. Plus, the new offer is only one among others, like Amazon’s online pharmacy and telehealth services. While regulations would make the same Diagnostics model difficult to replicate  in other countries, the US is already a huge testing ground and data pool. Consider all this and the company’s ability to copy, produce and distribute. Everything can change. 


Shop drops ‘till you drop

Instagram adds a Drops Shopping section 

The new special section in the Shop tab will focus on items expected to “drop” on a specific date and time, and likely to be available only in limited supplies. Instagram users (only Americans for now) can discover,  browse, and shop all the latest product launches as well as view upcoming ones, while setting reminders or building wishlists. Instagram will also handpick featured drops on a weekly basis from among the accounts using the product launch tool on Checkout. Just another thing to give you anxiety on Instagram.

Will it change anything?

Instagram is building a habit while expanding its suite of social commerce tools. Brands can combine this new feature with others (duh!), and do stories with countdown stickers, then go Live to promote a Drop and sell it on the Insta Shop. In other words, the entire shopping journey can happen without visiting a brand’s website.  Users can make their purchases directly via Checkout on Instagram, which in time will allow Facebook to take a cut. Also interesting is the inclusion of IRL humans with its curation of drops.

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