2021: Week 12 | Snapchat helps you to find your next fit, Facebook’s got tricks up its sleeves, and it’s raining NFT talk with a first person account

2021: Week 12 | Snapchat helps you to find your next fit, Facebook’s got tricks up its sleeves, and it’s raining NFT talk with a first person account cover image
On today’s show, Snapchat wants to be your dressing room, Facebook is connecting VR to your wrists, we’re going to say hi and bye to Paramount+ and we’ll get a first person account of NFT mining.


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Snapchat goes for your wardrobe while Facebook goes for your wrists


Snapchat readies for more virtual shopping

Fit Analytics, a Berlin-based start up already working with brands like North Faces, Asos, Patagonia and many more, was recently purchased by Snapchat. Fit Analytics tech helps shoppers find the right-sized apparel and footwear from online retailers by allowing them to enter their body measurements and machine learning helps match them to the best fits. Fit Analytics has also built technology around AR lenses and matching clothing using images that customers upload themselves.

Will it change anything?

Fit Analytics already offers retailers analytics that helps them increase sales while providing consumers with a very useful tool. Through the deal with Snap, the startup will continue doing its thing while helping Snapchat build out its shopping platform, giving it more monetization options. If Snapchat gets it right, it will own a big chunk of the Gen Z ecom profits.


Facebook hardware on your wrists


A watch and a very smart wristband 

Facebook is reportedly working on an Android-based smartwatch that would run a new Facebook OS, and have the usual smartwatch features for messaging, health, and fitness. Most interestingly, the social media company is officially working on a smart wristband that tracks nerve-to-muscle signal transmission to translate them into actions like typing, swiping, or playing games. It also provides haptic feedback to the wearer, closing the communication loop between the human and the machine.


Will it change anything?

For sure. No other Big Tech brands are owning this space yet. If they are working on it, they’re not talking about it. In other words, this is Facebook’s opportunity to take a big stab at Apple, and not only in terms of how many users it serves. Oculus, owned by Facebook, is part of a VR environment that like other digital environments, has an app store. But VR app stores are not as mainstream yet and VR developers are already expressing concern about the rules and regulations and cuts Facebook is imposing on them. When social media becomes too complicated to regulate and too expensive to invest in, Facebook will likely focus on hardware like Oculus, the wristband, smart glasses, and all the software and ads that can live within them.

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