The Future of Home Health

While athleisure has firmly established itself as the wardrobe of choice in North America, two tech-based giants want to make sure that you are also taking your fitness to heart. October will see the official release of new products from Pelaton and Apple that’ll have people in North America paying a premium for their home health routines.

Pelaton, the makers of the technologically advanced stationary bike and spinning classes, are reinventing the treadmill in the same way. Called Tread, the treadmill will have a 32-inch screen, a running surface composed of 59 aluminum-and-rubber slats, and will have up to 7,000 hours of classes for users that are being created right now.

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The new Apple Watch Series 4 has a faster processor and better health and motion sensors, including the ability to perform an electrocardiogram, alerting you to worrisome heart rhythms. The new update will ensure Apple plays a big part of the 52% of global the wearable market.

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