Meet the Mojo Moments All-Stars of Season 1

Even if you don’t need a mojo boost, you probably know someone who does.

Let’s be honest, when we kicked this project off back in January 2020, we thought it’d be easier. We’d invite guests to our offices, record in a cozy setup, and hang out talking mojo, optimism, and dealing with challenges. 

Then COVID. 

Talk about learning to deal with challenges, keeping your positivity and optimism as the world’s systems crumpled around us. It became the perfect time to talk to some Mojo Masters.

Season 1 Guests of the Mojo Moments Podcast

We met with:

1. Andy Nulman of Play the Future who explained why mojo takes guts and why stories of bombing are so dear to comedians,

2. We checked in on hotel mojo with Christiane Germain of the Germain Hotels Group, and tried to steal her tips on how she chooses hotels,

3. We talked yoga, meditation, values and travel with Bernard Mariette of Lolë fame, and he recounted the story of his travel in search for mojo in Bangladesh,

4. Mitch Joel from Six Pixels Group explained how he overcame imposter syndrome, and why we should all be careful when taking and giving advice,

5. Helen Antoniou of Elenico Consulting dove into how she helps success-oriented executives find their mojo and gave useful guidance on how to deal with change,

6. We discussed the mojo of the publishing world and books to discover with Amy Black of Penguin Random House Canada,

7. And Julian Giacomelli highlighted the importance of values in growing businesses, and how RISE Kombutcha came to be everywhere in Canada

(But, if you just wanted a quick taste of each episode, you can check out this Season Best-Of).


Also, between sending sanitized mics around Montreal with couriers (and learning which rooms in our homes had the best wifi signal), we learned what every guest would tell their 16-year-old-selves and put them all here in a cheat sheet podcast.  

So check us out everywhere (Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Stitcher), share it, rate it, and subscribe to check season two as soon as it drops. 

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