Meaningful Commerce is Looking Good

To illustrate our new promise, we asked seven artists to help us bring Meaningful Commerce to life.

Over the past few months we’ve been evolving our purpose to better fit who we are: an agency that helps ambitious retail brands grow by combining creativity, technology and data. And, we’ve backed it all up with a new brand promise: Meaningful Commerce. To us, that means helping brands make things people want, not just making people want more things.

To illustrate our new promise, we talked seven artists into helping us bring Meaningful Commerce to life.

They each got a theme related to a new trend in retail that we’ll be following and were let loose with one rule: they had to use our vibrant new branding colours.

They did not disappoint.

In RETAIL WITHOUT BORDERS, Dale Edwin Murray explores how retail is becoming less about the differences between physical stores and e-commerce and more about delivering a seamless experience - regardless of the platform. (Illustration above)


Mathieu Renoult uses THE RETAIL STAGE to illustrate the transformation of physical stores into stages for brands to interact with customers - not just sell products.


DATA FOR GOOD is Marc Lariviere’s interpretation of brands collecting more and more data and using it to create relevant and individualized customer experiences.


THE INTELLIGENT JOURNEY is Thaila Khampo’s discussion with AI assistants who are always observing patterns and customers to create a more personalized service - similar to the concept of the local shopkeeper, only on a much bigger scale.


Amelie Tourangeau explores THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS. The retail world we imagined a few years ago (self-serve stores, robot shopping carts, and drones that deliver) is here and it’s revolutionizing the way we shop.


24/7 RETAIL is Victoria Bee’s interpretation of customers now expecting to get whatever they want immediately. How long before we’ll order an ice cream cone and have it delivered before it melts? Or an umbrella to the metro stop within minutes of it starting to rain?


In RETAIL THAT CARES, Carson Ting tackles the biggest issue of our time: the environment. Consumerism is its biggest scapegoat and progressive retailers have noticed and are reacting with sustainable practices and eco friendly products and services that align with their customer’s values.


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