Goodbye Stuff, Hello Latest Kijiji Campaign

People are seeing different ways to make money everywhere they look, from Ubering to Air B and B-ing. That said, Canada’s OG source of additional income online remains Kijiji.

The “Goodbye Stuff, Hello Cash.” campaign was designed to remind Canadians that Kijiji is still the best way to turn all that stuff you no longer need into cash. So whether you have KonMari’d your closet, have moved on in life, or are a business looking for a new audience, Kijiji is there for you to make cash quickly and easily.

The no-pressure way to deal with two pressure cookers | Goodbye stuff, hello cash. | Kijiji

In all, the campaign consisted of five online pre-rolls executed in English and french, five TV closed-captioning spots, digital banners, and complete social media support. 

Pre-rolls were shot in the suburbs of Montreal with MOM Industries with director Trevor Cornish. But when it came to making the 3D transitions for our closed captioning spots we turned to Gimmick Studio to bring those beauties to life.

Guitar | Goodbye stuff, hello cash.

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