Driver’s Seat

Launching a new digital platform for Canadian car buyers

Kijiji has been a driving force in Canada’s car market since way back in 2005. Now they’ve gone all-in on cars. Kijiji Autos is an entirely new thang to help you find a ride in no time.

Best-in-class branding

To make the new brand distinct from the parent brand, we started by building out an entirely new brand strategy and blueprint, including a new colour palette, typographic treatment, and brand ID.




A turbocharged campaign

Next up: the national campaign. Poking gentle fun at the clichés of typical car ads, “Driver’s Seat” shows different types of car buyers test driving the new platform - literally.  Launched on January 28th, the rollout includes TV, online pre-rolls, out-of-home, PR, two activations, digital advertising, plus social strategy and content.

Test Drive | Kijiji Autos

Pylons | Kijiji Autos

The Big Reveal | Kijiji Autos

Intuitive distribution  

High impact components include takeovers of high traffic commuter passageways in Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary, as well as in-stadium advertising inside Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena during Raptors games. In partnership with Mosaik, activations are also planned for the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto and a Raptors game in late February.

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to domination angle pour anne

to domination angle pour anne
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