COVID-19: Home Office Plan

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, CloudRaker decided to implement and roll-out a Home Office Plan, and all Rakers (CloudRaker employees) are now working from home since March 16th.

We know that transitioning to a remote organization can be a challenge for small to medium-sized companies throughout the globe, and decided to share all our materials on our website.

Feel free to reuse and adapt anything you like. We're sharing everything you see on this Home Plan website under the CC BY 4.0 license.

We welcome suggestions and corrections (we wrote all of this under a day, and know everything cannot be perfect!)


The Home Office Plan, centralizing (formal) guidelines and outlining how CloudRaker is going to work remotely.

The Home Office Survey helped us make sure Rakers would be set up properly during the mandatory Home Office period.

A few notes

Some of the things we did and you might want to consider if you're deploying such a policy:

We reached out to Rakers that were already working in self-isolation out of precaution or who felt sick, making sure they had everything they needed. While we implemented a mandatory Home Office policy starting March 16th, any Raker could Work from home before this date on a voluntary basis.

We ordered and shipped equipment, especially to Rakers in preventive self-isolation. We wanted to make sure Rakers had a comfortable chair, and work setup at home too. That includes external monitors, keyboards, headsets, desk equipment, and a copy of this plan.

We added a line to our email signature to mention this plan.

Stop face touching

One way you can stop preventing the spread of COVID-19 while working at home is to stop face touching.

Stay safe ❤️

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