CloudRaker launches The Mojo Moments podcast

In a world gone topsy-turvy, we could all use a little boost to our mojo to get our engine revving. So, it’s the perfect time for The Mojo Moments Podcast.
You want to know more?

Hosted by our Founder, CEO, and chief raconteur Thane Calder, the Mojo Moments podcast features interviews with difference makers from various industries like mobile gaming pioneers, hospitality head honchos, and more. The whole time we’re trying to steal tips that have kept them and their businesses successful through their ups and downs.

So, what can you expect from our interviews?

When it comes to dealing with self-isolation, who wouldn’t want to catch up with the former CEO of Just for Laughs Andy Nulman to see how he’s dealing with it? And what about hearing from a key player in the hospitality industry and how they plan to adjust their business model? Find out what happens when Thane checks in with the Co-President of Germain Hôtels Christiane Germain.

Why are we launching this now? 

When we started this project in January 2020 we felt it was going to be a good way to boost our mojo at CloudRaker. 

We had a great setup going in January. We’d invite people into our Montreal office. Take our guest’s photo in our studio. Record The Mojo Moments Podcast face-to-face with mics, booms, all the kit. 

We had recorded one conversation and then we all know what happened next.  It looked like we were out of luck, but then we figured out a way to do this virtually. Now, it’s video conferences, sanitized mics being couriered around town, and we’re back in business.

Where can you subscribe?

Wherever you get your podcasts. 

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