CloudRaker has registered a rare first. We just launched our first international campaign – and we didn’t even do it for a Canadian brand.

“That StubHub Feeling” is an online campaign that launches this week in the UK. Created for StubHub UK, the British version of the global online ticketing marketplace, it’s built around showing how happy some people get when they get a ticket to an event they really want to see – and the resulting moments of social awkwardness that can ensue.

“British people are famously reserved,” says Gavin Drummond, CD at CloudRaker. “So what could be more fun than showing them get way more excited than they’d normally want to?”

Pulled off in record time, the campaign was developed thanks to the combined skills of Rakers in Montreal, Toronto and the UK.  Their tasks included collaborating with a UK research house, a comprehensive strategic planning exercise and all creative for the online-based campaign.

Video production was done locally in collaboration with our friends at Romeo et fils (director: JP Chartrand) and Apollo Studios – and included highlights such as re-creating a London bus stop on a street in Longueuil.

Have a look at the work.

StubHub UK Presents: The Big Gig Beat

StubHub UK Presents: The Office Chest Bump

StubHub UK Presents: The Bus Queue Riverdance

StubHub UK Presents: The Big Gig Jig

StubHub UK Presents: Line Dancing in the Bus Queue

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