Our Manifesto

Let’s face it: no one wants or needs more marketing in their life!

No one is going to make popcorn before watching your ad. They don’t care about visiting your store or website, or downloading your app. And, they definitely don’t want to share their data with you.


You start accepting some basic truths about who they are. No, let’s go even further than that: who we are. Not ‘consumers’–but people.

Not ‘target audiences’–but the lady in the shoe store looking for advice. Or the busy mom driving her kids home from school wishing for one minute of ‘me’ time. Or the teenager who wants the latest thing, just because. None of us want to be "marketed" at. We want things that help or inspire, inform or entertain us. We want things that are not only in line with our values, but actually fit into the rattle and hum of our lives. We are in an era of unprecedented choice (which is great for companies that really have something to offer) and technology is changing the game. Today’s digital tools give us the ability to know and satisfy people’s wants and desires deeper than ever before.

This technology is helping us return to the good old days of getting to know our customers on a more personal level. And, the better we understand them, the more relevant our interactions with them will be.

At CloudRaker, we've believed this for a while. We've never been interested in just making people want things. We've only been interested in making things people genuinely want.

That’s why we help companies generate more meaningful interactions with their customers. By blending truly insightful data with emotional storytelling and user centered design, we deliver technology-based solutions that make sense to the customer.

And making sense is the most important thing we can make. It’s why we constantly ask ourselves “So what?” and “How is this going to be useful to people?”

Because when it makes sense to people, it’ll make sense to the business.

When it touches on their interests, they’ll listen. When it’s designed for their lives, they’ll engage. When it’s aligned with their values, they’ll advocate.

It’s what we call Meaningful Commerce.

So whether we’re growing brands, increasing sales, improving operations, or even inventing a whole new business model–we always look first to determine how the experience can be relevant to the people it’s designed for and how it will make sense in their lives, because when we connect people and brands in meaningful ways–everybody wins!