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What and who we're made of

We don't just make people want things, we make things people want

As marketers, we need to be honest about one thing— people don’t want or need more marketing in their lives. They want to be helped, informed, or inspired by brands that they value or that align with their values. That’s why our core belief at CloudRaker is not to just make people want things but instead make things people want.

We call this: Meaningful Commerce™

Let's talk values


We are not the type of people to sit in a corner and work away. We work collaboratively with our clients to solve their marketing problems. 


The only way to get to the heart of a problem is to be open and honest about the whole process. That's how we operate and we expect the same in return.


We don't just create things for the sake of it. Everything we make has a purpose and the results matter. If what we create doesn't work, we learn from it and fix it.


We treat your business like it's our own. We develop bold ideas, and test them on ourselves first. That way you know that any solutions we come up with actually work.

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Meet the Rakers

Let us introduce you to our Rakers.

Thane Calder, Founder, CEO

Thane Calder

Founder, CEO

Cynthia Tabor, Advisor

Cynthia Tabor


Gisela Sleizer, Strategist

Gisela Sleizer


Katherine Ruiz, Lead Advisor

Katherine Ruiz

Lead Advisor

Dave Roberts, Executive Creative Director

Dave Roberts

Executive Creative Director

Joel Nicolle, Lead Advisor, Digital Media

Joel Nicolle

Lead Advisor, Digital Media

Sabine Ajamian, Advisor

Sabine Ajamian


Antoine Beauvais-Lacasse, Lead Technology Architect

Antoine Beauvais-Lacasse

Lead Technology Architect

Jan Sajkowski, Copywriter

Jan Sajkowski


Leslie Krueger, General Manager, Toronto & Executive Director, Media

Leslie Krueger

General Manager, Toronto & Executive Director, Media

Kris Matheson, Executive Director, Shopper Marketing

Kris Matheson

Executive Director, Shopper Marketing

Justin Steinburg, Senior Art Director

Justin Steinburg

Senior Art Director

Jillian Barber, Strategic Insights Lead

Jillian Barber

Strategic Insights Lead

Antoine Montero, Designer

Antoine Montero


Liya Adessky, Account Coordinator

Liya Adessky

Account Coordinator

Kayla Landen, Lead Advisor, Media

Kayla Landen

Lead Advisor, Media

Hannah Maldoff, Head of People and Culture

Hannah Maldoff

Head of People and Culture

Gavin Drummond, Creative Director

Gavin Drummond

Creative Director

Mai-lan Nguyen Duy, General Manager, Montreal

Mai-lan Nguyen Duy

General Manager, Montreal

Baptiste Laget, Lead Technology Advisor

Baptiste Laget

Lead Technology Advisor

Pascal Hébert, President

Pascal Hébert


Yvonne Hercun, Office Coordinator

Yvonne Hercun

Office Coordinator

David Purkis, Senior Copywriter

David Purkis

Senior Copywriter

Etienne St-Denis, Creative Director

Etienne St-Denis

Creative Director

Kenza Benyahia, Lead Advisor

Kenza Benyahia

Lead Advisor

Mark Dolynskyj, Copywriter

Mark Dolynskyj


Patrick Dubé, Art Director

Patrick Dubé

Art Director

Alissa Parabtani, Product Director, Goods & Commerce

Alissa Parabtani

Product Director, Goods & Commerce

Katie Diaby Simard, Advisor

Katie Diaby Simard


Patrice Huneault, Senior Graphic Designer

Patrice Huneault

Senior Graphic Designer

Nicolas Giroux, Digital Project Manager

Nicolas Giroux

Digital Project Manager

Kara Turcotte, Art Director

Kara Turcotte

Art Director

Minh Nguyen, Designer

Minh Nguyen

Art Director

Vanessa Bassolé, Financial Analyst

Vanessa Bassolé

Financial Analyst

Nina Yujiri, Front-end Developer

Nina Yujiri

Front-end Developer

Ruddy Rio Nunez, Accounting Analyst

Ruddy Rio Nunez

Accounting Analyst

Marie Vaillancourt, Lead Content Advisor

Marie Vaillancourt

Lead Content Advisor

Andréanne Pesant, UX Designer

Andréanne Pesant

UX Designer

Sylvie Ouellette, Executive Director of Finance

Sylvie Ouellette

Executive Director of Finance

Teresa Pisciuneri, Advisor

Teresa Pisciuneri


Anne McCowan-Bernier, Account Coordinator

Anne McCowan-Bernier

Account Coordinator

James Tyler Vaccaro, Operations Manager

James Tyler Vaccaro

Operations Manager


We're Looking For

We're Looking For

A Community Manager & 11 more new Rakers.

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Altavia international

We are part of the Altavia Group, the largest global network of retail communication firms with more than : 1500 experts in 30 countries.

The group brings a 360° expertise in retail to our clients & a local presence in the major markets across the globe.

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