What and who we're made of

We don't just make people want things, we make things people want

As marketers, we need to be honest about one thing— people don’t want or need more marketing in their lives. They want to be helped, informed, or inspired by brands that they value or that align with their values. That’s why our core belief at CloudRaker is not to just make people want things but instead make things people want.

We call this Meaningful Commerce

Let's talk values


We are not the type of people to sit in a corner and work away. We work collaboratively with our clients to solve their marketing problems. 


The only way to get to the heart of a problem is to be open and honest about the whole process. That's how we operate and we expect the same in return.


We don't just create things for the sake of it. Everything we make has a purpose and the results matter. If what we create doesn't work, we learn from it and fix it.


We treat your business like it's our own. We develop bold ideas, and test them on ourselves first. That way you know that any solutions we come up with actually work.

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Meet the Rakers

Let us introduce you to our Rakers.

Marie Dubeau-Labbé, Account Director

Marie Dubeau-Labbé

Account Director

Jordan Karkoulas, Digital Project Coordinator

Jordan Karkoulas

Digital Project Coordinator

Catherine Peloquin, Executive Director, Finance

Catherine Peloquin

Executive Director, Finance

Nithish Reddy Muddasani, Developper

Nithish Reddy Muddasani


Jillian Barber, Strategic Insights Lead

Jillian Barber

Strategic Insights Lead

Elie Hymowitz, Developer

Elie Hymowitz


Xixi Luo, User Experience Specialist

Xixi Luo

User Experience Specialist

Sylvain Laugier, Full-Stack Developer

Sylvain Laugier

Full-Stack Developer

Twoo Nguyen, Design

Twoo Nguyen


Rodrigo Mavu, Creative Director

Rodrigo Mavu

Creative Director

Alison Sinclair, Senior Medical Writer

Alison Sinclair

Senior Medical Writer

Thane Calder, Founder, CEO & Host of the Mojo Moment Podcast

Thane Calder

Founder, CEO & Host of the Mojo Moment Podcast

Angelika Joachimowicz, Digital Project Manager

Angelika Joachimowicz

Digital Project Manager

Olivia-Gail Squires, Senior Account Manager. Healthcare

Olivia-Gail Squires

Senior Account Manager. Healthcare

Baptiste Laget, Executive Director, Technology

Baptiste Laget

Executive Director, Technology

Sophie Hormeno, Digital Project Manager

Sophie Hormeno

Digital Project Manager

Joyce Thuss, Executive Director, Healthcare

Joyce Thuss

Executive Director, Healthcare

Zahra Rajani, Chief Strategy Officer

Zahra Rajani

Chief Strategy Officer

Cynthia Tabor, Advisor, Healthcare

Cynthia Tabor

Advisor, Healthcare

Sergiy Rudenko, Full-Stack Developer

Sergiy Rudenko

Full-Stack Developer

Maya Skaini, Account Coordinator, Healthcare

Maya Skaini

Account Coordinator, Healthcare

Mara Franco-Rodriguez, Senior Art Director

Mara Franco-Rodriguez

Senior Art Director

Sabine Ajamian, Senior Advisor, Healthcare

Sabine Ajamian

Senior Advisor, Healthcare

Antoine Montero, Senior Graphic Designer

Antoine Montero

Senior Graphic Designer

George Sutherland, Account Coordinator, Healthcare

George Sutherland

Account Coordinator, Healthcare

Pascal Hébert, President

Pascal Hébert


Christian Heurtelou, Senior Graphic/Production Designer

Christian Heurtelou

Senior Graphic/Production Designer

Vanessa Bassolé, Financial Analyst

Vanessa Bassolé

Financial Analyst

Noah Prévost, Executive & Office Coordinator

Noah Prévost

Executive & Office Coordinator

Valérie Trudel, Graphic Designer

Valérie Trudel

Graphic Designer

Joe Jabour, Senior Project Manager, Healthcare

Joe Jabour

Senior Project Manager, Healthcare

Nina Yujiri, Lead Front-end Developer

Nina Yujiri

Lead Front-end Developer

Jonathan Segaram, Project Manager & Delivery

Jonathan Segaram

Project Manager & Delivery

Arianne Girard-Pépin, Account Technician

Arianne Girard-Pépin

Account Technician

Chanel Mercier, Project Manager

Chanel Mercier

Project Manager

Moaeez Zahid, Digital Accounts Coordinator

Moaeez Zahid

Digital Accounts Coordinator

Timur Akchurin, Accounting Technician

Timur Akchurin

Accounting Technician

Sophie Bellemare, Financial Controller Assistant

Sophie Bellemare

Financial Controller Assistant

Thiago Borda, Senior Full-Stack Developer

Thiago Borda

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Dale McRae, Human-Centered Design

Dale McRae

Human-Centered Design

Mark Grinberg, Associate Creative Director, Healthcare

Mark Grinberg

Associate Creative Director, Healthcare

Carolanne Ryner, Account Coordinator

Carolanne Ryner

Account Coordinator

Yvonne Chang, Account Coordinator, Healthcare

Yvonne Chang

Account Coordinator, Healthcare

Jérôme Lin, Project Coordinator & CSR Ambassador

Jérôme Lin

Project Coordinator & CSR Ambassador

Antoine Beauvais-Lacasse, Lead Architect, Technology

Antoine Beauvais-Lacasse

Lead Architect, Technology

James Tyler Vaccaro, Business Director

James Tyler Vaccaro

Business Director

Mark Grinberg, Associate Creative Director, Healthcare

Mark Grinberg

Associate Creative Director, Healthcare

Nate Sibi, Strategy

Nate Sibi


Altavia international

We are part of the Altavia Group, the largest global network of retail communication firms with more than 2000 experts in 30 countries.

The group brings a 360° expertise in retail to our clients & a local presence in the major markets across the globe.

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