Digital Project Manager

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The role

altavia.cloudraker is looking for a Digital Project Manager to join our team. Working with a team of designers, writers, and developers, this person will be responsible for ensuring that digital projects such as websites, micro-sites, applications, banner ads, newsletters, chatbots, and more, are delivered on time and on budget.


Our ideal candidate is extremely organized, has extensive experience delivering digital projects, and enjoys the fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment of a marketing agency.

About us

With offices in Montreal and Toronto, altavia.cloudraker specializes in delivering leading-edge marketing and technology solutions that empower retail & health brands design a future people want to engage with.


We call this Bionic Growth.


We advance businesses by reframing the challenge. By unlocking insight and unleashing technology, we develop products & systems that create human connections. Bridging strategy and activation, we empower your business to make strategic decisions to foster bionic growth and create a sustainable competitive advantage.


As part of Altavia—an independent, global federation of entrepreneurs—we have 38 years of industry experience in retail and health support our clients across 45 countries. Our dedicated retail and health advisors are experts in business design, brand building, digital technology and data performance.


  • Contribute to building a relationship of trust with clients;

  • Plan, organize and execute strategic and tactical digital projects;

  • Create workback schedules and budgets for the production and development of web projects, and ensure they are respected;

  • Define the organizational structure of the production team assigned to the project;

  • Define and manage the associated risk analysis and mitigation plans;

  • Revise and authorize operational changes to a project (schedule, budget, scope);

  • Keep the schedule of all CloudRaker projects and their delivery dates up to date;

  • Assist the account director in negotiating and maintaining business relationships with suppliers.

You have

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in a similar role;

  • An educational background in a related field;

  • Excellent communication skills in English and French;

  • Experience in building Project Plans using platforms such as MS Project, JIRA, Smar-Sheet, Merlin, etc.

  • Experience in resource and risk management;

  • An understanding of development languages and technologies;

  • Experience with Agile, Waterfall and/or Lean methodologies;

  • The ability to juggle multiple projects and know how to prioritize;

  • A passion for staying informed about web, mobile, and digital media trends, current and future;

  • Experience working as a Developer or UX/UI Designer (an asset);

  • Experience with retail or heath industry clients (an asset);

  • Certified Scrum Master (an asset);

  • Worked in a digital agency and or consulting firm.

You are

  • The most organized person you know;

  • A chameleon: able to adapt to change and modify your approach based on the person and situation you’re dealing with;

  • A team player who likes working closely with, and learning from,  Strategists, Art Directors, Designers, Developers, and Client Services;

  • An eternal optimist with a positive attitude;

  • An entrepreneur at heart and you aren’t afraid of taking chances;

  • An easy going, light-hearted person who doesn’t take themselves too seriously;

  • Able to stay cool as a cucumber ... even when deadlines are looming.

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