We all know our world has changed a whole lot in the past decade or so.

And it’s going to keep changing. New technologies and digital platforms are emerging every day. We think it’s exciting because people are more informed than ever when it comes to making purchase decisions and more sophisticated than ever when it comes to brand loyalty. We love finding new and amazing ways to connect with them.

“CloudRaker moves beyond the ‘creative agency’
template... its game plan is one the biggest
multinationals could learn from.”

Marketing Magazine’s
Top-10 Agencies of the Year

Agency Positioning

CloudRaker is a digital marketing agency for the post-advertising era.

We connect businesses with customers using the tools of our times.

Welcome to the post-advertising era. Customers are now running the show and businesses need to adapt or they risk major disruption. We help reform marketing, sales and IT so they can genuinely connect with today’s empowered customers through agile digital campaigns, lasting web programs and platforms, and innovative products. Our work delights customers and CFOs alike.

Our methodology is deliberate.
So is our creativity.


This simple approach brings to life our greatest expertise: combining context through strategy, creating content through creativity and converting customers into purchasers and brand advocates.



We begin with a diagnosis of your brand’s ecosystem through all media venues including paid, earned and owned. From there, we examine your competitive landscape, operational realities, refine targets based on venue and arrive at a cohesive strategic plan that identifies real opportunities. We build a responsive, customized ecosystem that displays all the complex moving parts of your brand’s ecosystem. It’s more fun than it sounds.


We take the science of contextual planning to steer the content that will move the consumer to share, buy, click, discuss, like, etc. This is an art. It isn’t about simply pushing a marketing message. Rather, we craft useful and delightful content that reaches the right person at the right time in a personalized manner. It’s what consumers have come to expect today.


We clearly establish the criteria of conversions from the outset. With that information, we build realtime dashboards that monitor performance and mine for data. This information allows for the ongoing optimization of campaigns and platforms to constantly increase performance. We like to think that this is where the magic happens.

CloudRaker blends the science of
data and the art of content to connect
with today’s consumer.



Digital transformation
innovation & collaboration

  • Digital diagnostic
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital innovation
  • Digital coaching


Solutions & Tools
web, mobile, retail

  • E-commerce
  • Publishing CMS
  • CRM
  • Social
  • Analytics & Performance
  • Marketing automation


Acquisition, Retention & Brand building
content, conversion

  • Customer insights & experience
  • Marketing & brand strategy
  • Platforms, Programs & Campaigns
  • Performance & Media management

Why us

The collision of digital and brand cultures is one that is reverberating through marketing departments today. We see it all the time. In fact, we lived through the very same challenges here at CloudRaker when we brought brand experts into our digital world back in 2008. We quickly realized that mixing skill sets was the easy part. The hard part was creating an environment that supported collaboration between two vastly different cultures. We did it. The rewards are felt in our process, our output and the quality of the people we attract to solve our clients' problems. We help our clients bridge the divide between the brand and digital worlds through our very deliberate collaborative structure and culture.

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that knowledge is not static, particularly not today. That’s why we put a high premium on boosting our skill sets in new and original ways. We actively challenge ourselves through daring internal properties-at our own expense- to gather knowledge and pass it on to our client projects. That’s why we built a cutting edge camera app, why we publish a print magazine and why we are co-founders of a bike shop and city touring company. We are constantly growing our technical, editorial, retail and experiential chops to bring tried and tested recommendations to our clients.

CloudRaker is an agency filled with passionate professionals who love doing great work for companies, causes and people we can get behind. Our independence provides us with the luxury of modestly selecting who we partner with. We think life is too short to be at the service of something you don’t believe in. When we take you on as a client, it’s because we are vested in what you do or what you can do.

Our clients

  • Bell
  • Bombardier Business Aircraft
  • CN
  • Concordia
  • Desjardins
  • ebay
  • Intuit
  • Kijiji
  • McGill
  • Natrel
  • Public Mobile
  • Québon
  • Sealtest
  • Shaw


April 2016
Kijiji Raps wins 2 Grand Prix at the Créa Awards in the Digital and Online Campaigns categories.

December 2015
Our Kijiji Raps campaign is in Ici ARTV's top 15 most memorable ads of 2015.

October 2015
Following the success of the rap videos campaign, Kijiji offers to rap its users' ads. The result? 28 rap videos produced in 48 hours.

September 2015
Kijiji + rap videos = YouTube ads that people enjoy watching.

May 2014
Our project AutoFocus.ca is once again a winner. Last week, the website won a prize in the Products & Services category of the 2014 Numix Awards, which reward the best digital media projects in Quebec.

May 2014
Our project AutoFocus.ca is once again a winner. Last week, the website won a prize in the Products & Services category of the 2014 Numix Awards, which reward the best digital media projects in Quebec.

April 2014
TV commercials made possible by Kijiji's online community.

April 2014
We're proud to announce the launch of a new cutting-edge website for our client Natrel.

March 2014
CloudRaker, in collaboration with Bio-K+, just launched a campaign about the benefits of probiotics. Check out the video.

February 2014
Our radio spots for Kijiji Autos really drove traffic to the site.

January 2014
Epic Life Magazine has included ActionShot among its 'eight must-have mountain apps'

December 2013
We’re proud to announce that our Natrel campaign "Nina Roy" took home the "Grand Prix" for Social Media Strategy at the 2013 Boomerang Awards.

November 2013
Thane Calder, CloudRaker founder and president, discusses the post-advertising era in PREMIUM magazine. (Article in French)

October 2013
Our project AutoFocus.ca has won the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada award for Best Web Design.

September 2013
CloudRaker is now a member of the prestigious international organization Society of Digital Agencies.

August 2013
We launched Canada’s largest automobile media portal. Check out Bell Media’s autofocus.ca.

July 2013
We created a social media campaign that leveraged Shaw's beloved brand mascot.

May 2013
“A Little Bit of Good” our Natrel Organic campaign will be running all summer long.

April 2013
Rake&Co. was honoured as a 2013 Applied Arts Design winner in the magazine category.

February 2013
The Agency Project, CloudRaker’s creative collaboration with McGill University students for client Fitz&Follwell gets covered in the Montreal Gazette.

January 2013
Our print magazine Rake&Co. is available for purchase. Buy your copy here.

December 2012
ActionShot named one of the top apps of 2012 by Apple.

November 2012
CloudRaker and Bombardier Business Aircraft take home Boomerang award in B2B website category.